Ric Cushenan is Advertising Agency Sales Manager @ YP

Ric Cushenan from Cush Media is now Advertising Agency Sales Manager for YP. After 2 years as Regional Internet Sales Manager where he helped grow digital revenue by by 2%, Ric has assumed the position of Advertising Agency Sales Manager. Ric’s Agency experience includes 7 years as a Major Account Manager working with Agencies like Media Edge, BBDO, Erwin Penland, Young and Rubicam and Zenith Media.

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Mobile Websites

For Many categories of business a mobile web site just makes sense.

For example:

  • Restaurants should have a mobile website. People are on the go and are using their mobile phones to search for new restaurants to visit. Having your site optimized for mobile means that potential customers will be able  see your menu in a format that will fit on their phone. They will also be able to click to call and make a reservation.
  • Businesses that are used in an emergency like Basement Waterproofing, Carpet  & Flood Restoration, Air Conditioning & Furnace companies and DUI Lawyers all should have mobile sites.

Having a mobile optimized site that looks and feels like your Main Website is important. Developing your site using the latest HTML code will help you be found on the Search Engines.

Cush Media LLC, www.cushmediaonline.com is a full service on-line marketing company. We specialize in web site development, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Reputation Management, Social Media Management and Tracking through on-line analytics.

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So Many Choices so little time

If you are a small to medium sized business, unless you have an unlimited marketing budget and a free schedule, you are probably running up against some obstacles with your internet marketing strategy.
Using the internet to reach potential customers has evolved dramatically in the last few years. From Developing a web site and using print media to drive traffic to your site, to running display ads on newspaper and portals to drive traffic, to using the Search Engines to drive traffic, to behavioral targeting and Social Media. Now your strategy must include some or all of these to be successful the problem is which ones. Social Media for example includes:
• Facebook
• Blogs
• Twitter
• Google +
• LinkedIn
• Pinterest
The list goes on and on and includes niche products like ReverbNation, MySpace, GigMasters just to name a few.
My solution to this ever expanding list of options is to pick 3 or 4 of these and do them very well. Send updates, ask questions, offer free stuff, respond to posts and interact with your audience. One of the worst things that can happen with Social Media is you set up a Facebook or Twitter account and then never interact with it. If you don’t have the time, expertise or the staff to accomplish this in-house work with a Social Media Agency that can manage them for you. Managing a Social Media campaign, or any part of your internet marketing strategy, is too important to be sporadic and ineffective.

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Cush Media Partners with Local Edge for Yahoo Behavioral Tarketing

Yahoo Definition

Cush Media has partnered with Local Edge to provide small to medium sized businesses with Yahoo Behavioral Targeting. This partnership gives Cush Media the ability to offer state of the art Behavioral Targeting to our clients.

Ric Cushenan is the owner and CEO of Cush Media. Cush Media is a multimedia company that provides small to medium businesses with the latest SEM, SEO, Websites and Behavioral Targeting putting the advertisers message in front of consumers who have said they are in the market to buy www.cushmediaonline.com

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Now Comes Digital

Digital was THE game changer. We didn’t know it when it started but my goodness how life has changed. That 40 pound TEAC Reel To Reel has become Pro-Tools and Q-Base, software that allows a musician to record studio quality sound from his/her bedroom. Unlimited tracks and unlimited mixing and effects followed quickly.

I went through many stages of digital over the years. But first there was just the music. Listening and performing has changed dramatically but it was always about the music. I remember the joy of sitting in my basement, with my huge headphones on, and marveling at the way Pink Floyd’s “One of These Days” raced back and forth from headphone to headphone, ear to ear, seeming to travel right through my head. I would listen to it over and over. I remember trying to get my mom to listen to the Saxophone solo in “Us and Them” she just brushed it off as Drug music. Elvis Presley it was not.

Multi-track stereo Long Play (LP) records were a thing of beauty. Much better than the 45’s we started with there were 10 – 13 songs on these records. We actually went to the record store to purchase the records. The best record store was the locally owned store with the guy who knew every record and artist in the store. You could sit for hours and talk to this guy about music. Who had the better guitar solo in Hotel California? Which was a better concept album Tommy or Quadrofenia? Who was the better guitar player Eric Clapton or Jeff Beck? Who had the first guitar distortion on a record? Did Rock & Roll spring from the Blues or was it a melting pot of Blues, Country, Jazz and Blue Grass? What guitar did Jimmy Page play on Stairway to Heaven? This guy had all the answers or opinions. The local music store, sadly, has gone the way of the Betamax.

Great memories but back to digital. From analog we moved from digital recording onto tape to digital recording onto your hard drive. This seemed to happen very slowly, like a glacier. Then all of a sudden digital exploded. Enter the development of the MP3 file format. The sharing of files across the internet had been possible prior to this, but files were generally either too large to be realistically exchanged or of too low a quality to serve any real purpose. With this pioneering digital format, however, the wall holding back true online musical collaboration came down, and this field took of with alarming speed. Then Napster happened and everything changed again. The music industry shut down Napster but many look-alikes followed. Digital was truly on its way. Next Portable Digital.

Ric Cushenan, MBA, is CEO of Cush Media. Ric has over 25 years of Marketing music performance and sales experience with Newspapers, Targeted Publications and Search Engine Marketing.
Cush Media, www.cushmediaonline.com is a full service on-line marketing company. We specialize in web site development, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Behavioral Targeting, Tracking through on-line analytics and Jingles.

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Cush Media & Number9Pages

Cush Media has partnered with Number9Pages, a website development company. Number9Pages uses HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to make websites to ensure the cleanest code and minimal mark-ups so search engines can find and read your site easily.

The ‘Style’ defines how the HTML elements of a webpage are shown, as if it were an instruction manual for the website. Search engines read this manual and, dependent on its ease, define where the site will go in their organic listings. The websites will ultimately and naturally have a higher rating, as CSS is free of additional mark-ups.

With a collective of over thirty years in website design and development, Number9Pages has the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure the customer is always satisfied. Their policy to design each site unique and individual ensures that the personal touch you want is present.

In addition to CSS, Number9Pages also utilizes Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This allows your site to get even better placement in organic listings.

Whether you are looking for a landing page or a full website with multiple pages, Number9Pages can design from beginning to end, giving you the presence on the internet you need and a sense of pride when giving your customers the URL to visit.

Cush Media is a full service marketing company using digital and print media to maximize ROI for our advertisers. For more information click www.cushmediaonline.com

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Finding the right Web Site Developer

Now that you have decided how you want your web site to look, feel and act, how do you find the person or company who is going to build the site?
What should you look for? Should you build it yourself or let your cousin Vinnie build it on summer vacation? Should you turn control over to a large full service web site development agency or use a small local firm? What are my options?

If you decide to build the site yourself there are some good tools available to build your own web site. Microsoft Front Page, Site Builder from Yahoo or WordPress are a few good options. But this still leaves multiple questions including:
• Is My Domain Name available?
• How do I find out if it is available?
• How do I register the Domain name if it is available?
• Who should I have host the web site?
• How will I optimize for the Search Engines?
o What techniques will I use?
o What Social Media Sites should I use?
o How do I link to my web site from Social Media Sites
o How do I register my business with Google places?

If you are comfortable with your answers to all these questions than you are ready to move ahead with building your web site. If not then you may want to seek out a reliable web site developer. How do you decide who to use? There are thousands of web site development companies in whatever city you live in. Do you want someone local that you have easy access to? Does access matter to you? I have worked with small to medium sized businesses all across the country and this leads me to the more local approach. There are many questions that need to be answered. I have found that in the beginning having access to the company building your site is crucial. I want someone who will respond to questions, look at ideas, and explain timetables and where they are in the process. I want to understand where my money is being spent before it is spent. I want some control. I want to own my Domain Name. I want the hosting site to be in my business name. Finding a web site development company that will provide all this can seem like a daunting task. But it does not have to be. Search the internet for web site developers. Look for ones that have reviews. Look for developers that are experts in SEO and Social Media. Look for developers who have the ability to build a functional site or a very creative site.

Building and maintaining your web site, is one of most important decisions you will make for your business. The next step is how to promote the site after you build it.

Cush Media, www.cushmediaonline.com is a full service on-line marketing company. We specialize in web site development, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Behavioral Targeting and Tracking through on-line analytics.

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Frist Steps in developing your web presence

The first steps in developing your web presence are to decide the purpose, content and structure of your web site. Will your site be very informative about your different products and services or will you give just enough information to get the searcher to call you? Will your site be very straight forward and functional or will your site have lots of graphics, video and pictures? Will it be an e-commerce site, or will it be designed to drive traffic to your store or business? Do you want people to call you, send an e-mail or fill out a form to request more information? How many pages will your site be? Will you include your hours of operation? Will you have links to affiliate web sites or just detail your affiliation? Do you have a Logo that will be included? What will be the colors of your site? Do you want to build the site yourself, have your nephew build it in his spare time or hire an expert to develop the site? Will you use a template program?

All of these questions should be answered before you move to the next step of having your site built.

Cush Media, www.cushmediaonline.com is a full service on-line marketing company. We specialize in web site development, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Behavioral Targeting and Tracking through on-line analytics.

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Using the latest technology to track your advertising!

Cush Media has the latest technology to track your advertising. Using M4Track allows Cush Media to help advertisers determine the ROI of their advertising and Tracking the ROI of advertising programs allows advertisers to make more educated decisions on budgets and strategies.

M4Track tracks the success of all your advertising. From Newspapers to Billboards, Direct Mail, On-line and Broadcast, Cush Media has the tools to track your success. By using Call Tracking Numbers, Vanity e-mail addresses, Vanity URLs and Proxy Links we can track your results all in one place. These tools give Cush Media the ability to tell how many calls, e-mails, clicks and page views came from an advertising campaign and our on-line reporting tools give advertisers the ability to keep track on a daily basis.

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Cush Media partners with Metrix4Media

Cush Media has partnered with Metrix4Media, one of the the industry leaders in Search Engine Marketing.

Metrix4Media are certified resellers of sponsored listings on Google, Bing, MSN, and Yahoo.  They have software that actually paces your investment over time, utilizing your keywords and money to get the optimum results.  The software optimizes everyday, keeping up with changes to keyword response.

Metrix4Media also can track all forms of advertising, so you know exactly where your money is being utilized best.

Contact us today to get started!

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